From the rubble of impeachment fail, Democrats turn on each other

The collapse of the Democrats' impeachment bid to Get Trump hasn't exactly been good for Democratic unity.

There were signals and indicators of the fights breaking out all over Twitter, even as Sen. Chuck Schumer made his final teary bawl to the television cameras about the whole thing being a "a grand tragedy" and a "sham trial."

Fox News host Laura Ingraham compiled a good segment of the tensions and misery -- how Adam Schiff tried for one last time to shut his fellow impeachment manager, Rep. Jerry Nadler, up at the finale, and how Schumer himself shushed Sen. Kamala Harris from trying to grab his mic and do the talking instead of him, as well as a fine coda at the end of the miserified faces of the network broadcasters once they learned the Senate voted down witnesses and the impeachment trial would soon be over.

Everyone loves to be a winner. Losers point fingers. Democrats are now in full loser mode, now fighting with each other instead of directing their rage against Republicans, most of all, President Trump. It's always all about the strong horse, and these guys now seem to realize they're riding a beaten donkey.

What's vivid here is how surprised they all seem to be about it. Their bickerings seem to be the fruit of disappointment arising out of failed expectations. Did they really think they could win this? It almost seems as if they did, believing their own bee ess, as President Obama once more graphically put it.

Which is strange stuff, given all the forces that were arrayed against them. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to know that this was what was coming down the pike, which is why she resisted the impeachment bid and its Schiff show for so long. She eventually caved to pressure and pressed forward, with all those prayerful pieties, souvenir pens and stifled giggles.

But the Senate numbers said 'no.' The betting markets said 'no.' The audience-tune-out said the biggest 'no' given that nobody wants to watch a long, long, television spectacle, full of droning speeches saying the exact same thing over and over, in a story where the ending is already known. 

They apparently thought they could win this, and now reality is closing in on them and they must sense that there's a piper to be paid come 2020. The bickering among the losers is actually likely to intensify in such conditions. The blame game and finger-pointing can only start breaking out into the open more and more as each and all seek to exonerate themselves as right and blast their fellow losers as the problem. It won't be Republicans they will be focusing their blame on now, it looks as though it's going to be each other.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of Trump-deranged malevolents.


Image credit: YouTube screen shot from Laura Ingraham/Fox News

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