Frank Biden still owes $1 million for a fatal car accident

Twenty years ago, Joe Biden's brother Frank had a default judgment entered against him in a wrongful death lawsuit.  Now, even though he's fabulously wealthy thanks to brother Joe's influence, Frank refuses to pay that debt. For a long time, the media looked the other way when it came to Biden's habit of claiming to be an "ordinary Joe," even as he funneled millions of dollars to his family.  Things have changed, though, for two reasons: First, by impeaching Donald Trump over Ukraine, Democrats forced Hunter Biden into the limelight.  Now all Americans know that Joe's wastrel son, a man with no qualifications, got himself an $83,000-per-month job for which he had no qualifications in a country in which his father had political influence. Second, Peter Schweizer published Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite, which examines the ways in which Progressive politicians, all of...(Read Full Post)
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