Five reasons why Democrat turnout will be depressed while GOP turnout will be high in November

Because the American electorate is rather evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, turnout becomes the key to electoral success in November.  While a lot can happen in nine months, there are five factors that I see discouraging Democrat turnout and helping the GOP. The Biden family scandals Thanks to Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and the impeachment lynch mob, the lid has been blown off the Biden family's practice of trading on the patriarch's position to enrich themselves.  Biden's campaign is imploding, so he won't be on the ballot.  But the investigations of Hunter and Burisma are heating up and will cast a pall over the party.  Biden was supposed to be the unifier, a tangible link to the reign of St. Barack, whose appeal to blue collars and African-Americans was supposed to recover lost voters and motivate turnout among the most critical segment of the base. The Democrat party's bungling of the...(Read Full Post)
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