Felony charges filed against two adults who attacked Trump-supporting teens

Last summer, in Indiana, two people used their car to try to run down twin teenage boys who were biking with Trump banners attached to their bicycles.  Using Snapchat videos, the police were finally able to determine the sequence of events and bring charges of intimidation and criminal recklessness (both of which are felonies) against the perpetrators. One of the continuing themes in the 2020 election has been physical violence directed at Trump-supporters.  In February alone, a man deliberately drove his van at a tent filled with Trump campaign volunteers; a woman sucker-punched a man in a red "Make 50 Great Again" hat, which she mistakenly took for a MAGA hat; a Florida man used a cane sword to attack people carrying Trump signs; and a New Hampshire man slapped a teenage boy wearing a Trump hat. None of those is as egregious as what Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson did in 2017.  Although the media have...(Read Full Post)
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