Elizabeth Warren's dishonest and hypocritical Letter to the Cherokee Nation

In 1835, President Andrew Jackson wrote his Letter to the Cherokee Nation, which briefly argued the benefits of removal west, which ultimately became the Trail of Tears.  Jackson didn't flat-out lie, but he was disingenuous.   Flash forward 185 years. and we have Elizabeth Warren's Letter to the Cherokee Nation, a turgid document that reads like a badly written law review article, which if anything is more disingenuous and dishonest than Jackson's infamous letter.  As a peek into the mind of the Democrats' former presidential frontrunner, and the hypocrisy of the left in general, it is scarily revealing.  Don't follow the link above to read Warren's letter if you value your leisure and sanity.  I've done it for you at some cost, not only in time and mental anguish, but also in some very good bourbon.  It's a ponderous epistolary monstrosity, clocking in at twelve densely written...(Read Full Post)
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