Elizabeth Warren makes an amazing statement about her Secretary of Education

Ever since Carter established the Department of Education in 1979, presidents have at least pretended to select their DOE head by looking at that person’s theories and expertise about educational opportunities for all students. Elizabeth Warren, however, has decided that all potential Education secretaries must pass muster with a single demographic: “A young trans person.”

And no, this is not a story from the Babylon Bee. It’s a genuine story of Elizabeth Warren pandering on the campaign trail.

At a campaign event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Elizabeth Warren was giving a speech to a young audience when she began to discuss her requirements for a Secretary of Education. The first requirement would be that the person had been a public school teacher, an exceptionally stupid and short-sighted plan that cuts out the enormous number of possible candidates who did not teach in public schools.

Where Warren went from stupid to insane, though, was when she spoke about the way in which a question from a “young trans person,” who asked her about sex education and LGBTQ history in public schools, helped shape her policy for selecting a Secretary of Education. According to Warren, when she heard this question, she began by explaining to the questioner that,

It starts with a Secretary of Education who has a lot to do with where we spend our money, with what gets advanced in our public schools, with what the standards are.

After explaining to the “young trans person” (and to the audience to whom she was speaking) just how important the Secretary of Education is to public education in America, Warren then stated her core requirement for any person to make the cut as her Secretary of Education:

I’m going to have a Secretary of Education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf. And only if this person believes that our Secretary, or Secretary of Education nominee, is [garbled] committed to creating a welcoming environment, a safe environment, and a full educational curriculum for everyone, will that person actually be advanced to be a Secretary of Education.

With this as Warren’s standard for selecting a member of her cabinet, there is no reason why every young person who clams a specific identity other than “American student in public school,” shouldn’t demand that he or she also has the right to have a direct say in Warren’s choices for Secretary of Education. It’s easy to imagine every candidate facing a long line of youthful interviewers: Female students, male students, gay and bisexual students, Asian students, black students, Hispanic students, students with learning disabilities, Native American students, etc.

Elizabeth Warren’s desperate pandering to special interest groups turns her into a follower, not a leader. Her general ideology, of course, is hard-left. With this monumental moment of pandering, though, Warren makes it clear that, despite her constant mantra of “I’ve got a plan,” she desperately wants those special interest groups to fill in the details of her administration.

Thankfully, unless something unexpected occurs in the next few months, Elizabeth Warren seems to be a declining political asset. Sanders is rising, Biden is falling, and Buttigieg and Bloomberg are in a battle for the “normal” Democrat voter. In this line-up, there’s no place for a woman who has Bernie’s left-wing vision for America, but who lacks his socialist purity and, instead, opts for trying to be everything to all left-leaning voters.

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