Dirty Cops: Democrats leap to defense of prosecutors who lied to DOJ about Roger Stone sentence

Apparently, we're supposed to be upset that a group of four prosecutors, who told the Department of Justice one thing about what they'd recommend as a sentence for former Trump adviser Roger Stone and then told a federal judge another, are out of that job. According to National Review: All four Justice Department prosecutors who sought seven to nine years of jail time for Roger Stone have withdrawn from the case after reportedly misleading DOJ officials over the sentencing recommendation. And according to Fox News (hat tip: The Federalist), they left quite a mess for the DoJ to do over:  The Justice Department is preparing to change its sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone after top brass were "shocked" at the stiff prison term initially being sought, according to a senior DOJ official. Federal prosecutors had recommended that Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentence Stone to between 87 and 108...(Read Full Post)
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