Did the dirty cops of the Roger Stone case step into a Barr trap?

Roger Stone liked to gleefully call himself a "dirty trickster," but he was no match for the dirty cops of the Department of Justice who railroaded him with a nine-year sentence for three process crimes, including one where his purported victim said no crime happened.

Now it looks as though the dirty cops - the four prosecutors who lied to the Department of Justice about Stone's sentencing recommendations, and the far-left judge who allowed a nakedly Trump-hating partisan to serve as Stone's jury forewoman again - might just have been trapped themselves by none other than U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

For starters, it would explain why President Trump says he has no beef with Barr over Barr's criticism of his tweets. It would also explain why the Schiff show in the House, fresh from failing to take down Trump, now says it now wants to impeach Barr.

According to a series of tweets by Brian Cates, which can be read with ease on ThreadReader -- here is a speculative outline attempting to draw links that add up to some rather impressive power moves:

Let me remind you all what happened since last November around this case:

1) Trump suddenly nominates US Attorney Jessie Liu to a top Treasury Dept. job, she accepts; Trump nominates Timothy O’Shea to replace her. She is the one who has been guiding the Stone case. 
2) all 4 prosecutors suddenly agree amongst themselves they will brief the DOJ one sentencing recommendation, but then actually file a far more lengthy recommendation with the court.

With me so far? 
There is only one reason these prosecutors would do this.

They expected to get COVER from both the US ATTORNEY overseeing the case and from THE JUDGE presiding over the case in court.

Despite DOJ complaints about the tactic, Liu & Judge Jackson have their backs. 

   Cates goes on to explain why they seemed so bold about lying as they did. They had counted on Liu to keep the Barr people from hopping around mad about the new draconian change of sentencing recommendations for Stone. They had counted on Judge Jackson to go ahead and deliver them, even though she too knew that they were way out of sentencing guideline. Sticking it to the Trumpsters was the idea.

But it didn't work out like they thought it would. According to Cates: 

Then all of these next two things happen in the span of two days:

3) the DOJ suddenly files a COUNTER to the prosecution teams own absurd filing. This was not supposed to happen. DOJ would have informed Liu first they were doing this, then she’d have warned them. 
4) when the prosecution team russhes to contact the US Attorney’s Office in DC for an explanation, what they discover so surprises them that ALL FOUR TEAM MEMBERS resign within hours of each other.

What did these prosecutors discover BEFORE anybody else did?

Only this: 
5) the Stone prosecution team discovers TWO things:

a) Trump had just WITHDRAWN Lin’s nomination to that cool new Treasury job and...

b) Attorney General William Barr had just told Liu that O’Shea was replacing her IMMEDIATELY. 
They don’t have any cover. They’ve been BURNED.
Cates points out that the judge in the case, an Obama appointee named Amy Berman Jackson, looks every bit as dirty as Liu and the lying quartet of prosecutors. The Trump-hating judge was the one who ordered another Trump official, Paul Manafort, held in solitary confinement, again, for process crimes, with many speculating that the out of proportion sentence was a bid to pressure him into spilling secrets on Trump. She sentenced him to six years in the can, something that set off that drama where he almost ended up in that place where Jeffrey Epstein had been held, where the corrupt guards insist Epstein hanged himself when they weren't looking.
Cates continues:
So, what happens the very next day?

Stuff that started to come out more than two months ago but DIDN’T get any really attention suddenly bursts to the surface in a way that cannot be ignored. 
A juror so biased any attempt whatsoever at voire dire would have caught her and excluded her instantly not only ended up on the Stone jury in Judge Jackson’s court, this female juror ended up being the FOREWOMAN of the jury that convicted Roger Stone.

I’ll say this clearly: 
That could only happen if the JUDGE was either corrupt or incompetent.

Looking into this issue, several facts emerge.

Stone’s defense team moved to strike this juror from the pool; Judge Jackson refused.

This juror filled out a questionarre about social media/elections. 
The juror has both a social media history of pronounced bias against Trump and his associates and a political history of having run for office as a Democrat that should have INSTANTLY disqualified her from the jury pool. 
Liu is out of the picture, the four prosecutors have fled the scene, and now the onus is on the judge to show that her choice of that rabidly partisan juror to be the Stone case's forewoman was merely incompetence, not raw naked corruption.
 The heat is on Jackson now, not Stone. He appears to have been a victim of a railroading, which would necessitate the entire case being thrown out, forget the need for a Trump pardon. Former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy notes that the left's howlings about Trump's tweets regarding Stone's sentencing are a red herring, what's really a crime is prosecutorial misconduct.
If Cates is right, then we are looking at a huge nest of dirty cops in the Stone case.
Yet pillar by pillar, the schemings of these characters who have put the squeeze to Stone in their bid to Get Trump, are being knocked down, and there are fewer and fewer places to hide.
This is the work of the very clever Barr. 

Barr had laid a Gilligan's Island-style pit trap for them to fall into, and once they did, it hoisted them up in a net bag swinging for all to see from a tree.



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