Devin Nunes on fire: 'Tide turns' for his California farmers, Russia hoaxers on the run

Rep. Devin Nunes is on fire this week. While much of the nation was impressed with President Trump's attention to America's farmers, Nunes is telling constituents that the tide has finally turned on their farmers' long Democrat-caused drought.  That's based on President Trump's signature this week on a bill to provide California's beleaguered farmers with water, build storage for them, and put a stop to the junk science that buttresses the whole problem.  Here was his email to constituents: While campaigning in 2016, then-candidate Trump promised that the Central Valley's water supply would no longer be held captive by radical environmentalists. This week, both President Trump and Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt visited the Valley to make official the Trump administration's plans to return water to the Valley. On Wednesday, President Trump signed a second presidential...(Read Full Post)
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