Devin Nunes hints that Robert Mueller's team will be exposed soon

With impeachment receding in his rearview mirror, and with the Democrat party fielding the weakest and most socialist crop of candidates since 1972, President Trump is feeling his oats.  No wonder, then, that he's got Bill Barr's Justice Department working overtime to drain the swamp. 

In a recent interview with Lou Dobbs, Nunes suggested that the same attorneys who apparently railroaded the Roger Stone trial and then pressed for a seven- to nine-year sentence for Stone's first-time, nonviolent, generic D.C. offenses will soon find themselves in the hot seat.

Nunes promised Dobbs (and his audience) that the Justice Department's exposure of the cruel and disproportionate sentencing request for Stone "is not going to be the only example" of the questionable acts in which the Mueller team engaged:

We think there's other examples of things that they did during the Mueller investigation that I think you and your listeners and the American people will be very interested to learn in the coming weeks as we start to unpeel the onion of what the Mueller team was really doing.

What's especially concerning about what these corrupt government officials did is something Nunes calls the "obstruction of justice trap":

Because I would say this, when Mueller was appointed we have to ask ourselves, he walks in the door the first day and he said, "OK, show me all the evidence you got on the Russians?" They're like, "Bob, sorry we don't have any Russians here. We don't have any evidence." So what the hell did they do for two years? They set up an obstruction of justice trap. And they went after a whole lot of people who have now got sentenced. Some already served their time. And I think all of this has to be called into question now.

The "obstruction of justice" trap that Nunes talks about is essentially a process charge.  We saw it with what the FBI (which the DOJ oversees) did to General Flynn.  Agents inveigled him into making innocent misstatements, which even the FBI agents understood weren't intentional lies, and then slammed him with secret (and probably illegal) recordings.

These process crimes are then used to intimidate people into being witnesses against their will, something that's an ordinary tactic in both federal and state law enforcement.  The new wrinkle these Obama Deep State holdovers added to this tactic is using the process crimes to destroy people for political reasons.

Indeed, there's reason to believe that the Mueller team deliberately removed Flynn because they were afraid that he would expose the way Obama's people were still controlling the National Security Council.  Victor Davis Hanson spelled this out on the Ingraham Angle on Fox News when they were discussing a report that Trump plans to fire 70–100 Obama-era holdovers at the NSC:

Ben Rhodes was the deputy National Security Adviser under Obama, and Jake Sullivan was a National Security Adviser for Joe Biden. In early 2018 [sic], they had a big press conference. They were going to make an anti-Trump foreign policy conglomerate — a "national security agency." And before they left [in early 2017], that National Security Council ballooned to 230 people, and they were in contact, obviously, with a lot of these people that were holdovers that were feeding them information all about what was going on because we had leak after leak after leak coming out of the NSC. And I think another thing ... I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but we've had four National Security Advisers now, and there was a reason why Michael Flynn was taken out very early because of all the National Security Advisers, he was going to make it a point to clean house. And once he was gone, it think they said, Michael Flynn was controversial, and we're going to get people who are not controversial, and those Obama people had been deliberately planted there, and I think probably by Ben Rhodes. ... and they caused a lot of damage.

The Obama administration did incalculable damage to America's once respected institutions.  Now that Trump has lost the albatross of impeachment that the Democrats tried to tie around his neck, he is working to reinstate them.

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