Democrats stick it to Sanders again, rigging their own debate to add Bloomberg

After claiming they'd cleaned up their act, the Democratic National Committee has done it again: Rigged its own nominating process to keep Bernie Sanders off the Democratic ticket for president. They did that in the last election, putting a thumb on the scale for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and after that ugly behavior got out, they took great pains to assure would never happen again. But here we are, with this report from Politico: The Democratic National Committee is drastically revising its criteria to participate in primary debates after New Hampshire, doubling the polling threshold and eliminating the individual donor requirement, which could pave the way for former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg to make the stage beginning in mid-February. Candidates will need to earn at least 10 percent in four polls released from Jan. 15 to Feb. 18, or 12 percent in two polls conducted in Nevada or South Carolina, in order to participate in the Feb....(Read Full Post)
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