Could the coronavirus take China's communist dictatorship down?

Monday, China's leader, Xi Jinping, appeared in public for the first time since a big swath of the country was shut down due to the coronavirus.  According to the New York Times: President Xi Jinping of China, the authoritarian leader who had been noticeably absent from public view since the coronavirus outbreak escalated into a crisis, toured several public places in Beijing on Monday afternoon. The appearances seemed aimed at countering criticism that Mr. Xi has been aloof amid rising public discontent with his government’s struggle to contain the crisis. A day earlier, he held a "rare" meeting of top officials on the crisis.  He also went on television.  According to CNBC: Chinese President Xi Jinping insisted the country will win the fight against the coronavirus outbreak, saying he will adopt more decisive measures to contain the spread. Speaking on state television Monday, Xi said...(Read Full Post)
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