Chris Wallace is right about Jim Acosta

The Jim Acosta Show traveled to India this week.

As usual, the man goes out of his way to be obnoxious and please the one million viewers per hour who watch CNN.

Acosta's style is getting on Chris Wallace's nerves, as he said this week:

"I was horrified by [Acosta]," Wallace said at a Columbia University event in New York City hosted by the Common Ground Committee on Tuesday night. 

"It's not our job to get in fights with presidents. It's not our job to one-up presidents. It's our job to report on presidents."

"But to the degree we have responded to his attacks on us with attacks or advocacy in kind, there's a huge mistake, and I think adds to people questioning the credibility of the media," the "Fox News Sunday" host said.

Acosta told Trump during a press conference in New Delhi that CNN's "record on delivering the truth is a lot better" than his "sometimes" after the president broached the topic of a recent report on Russia's election interference that CNN later walked back.

"I worry that the president's attacks have given too many straight news reporters — not talking about the opinion page or prime time — an excuse or license to cross the line themselves and become players on the field, and I think that is a huge mistake," Wallace said. "It's not our role. Our role is to be observers, umpires, fact-checkers, investigators — it's not to be advocates. It's not to be opponents."

Chris Wallace is correct.  I hope Mr. Wallace understands that Acosta's act is totally premeditated.  In other words, CNN knows that its shrinking audience wants a reporter who fights Trump.

Should the White House remove his credentials?  No, it should not.  President Trump does a great job of making a fool out of Acosta.

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