Buttigieg campaign claims Dems botched Nevada caucus count, demands hold on announcing results

Pete Buttigieg desperately wants to claim second place in the Nevada caucuses in order to be the non-communist alternative to Bolshie Bernie, as the party gets the vapors over the possibility of disaster with Sanders dragging down the entire ticket in November.

Pete Buttigieg's campaign is claiming there are inconsistencies in the reported results in Nevada, as the former South Bend, Ind., mayor tries to claw his way to second place in Saturday's caucuses.

In a letter sent to Nevada Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II and obtained by POLITICO, Buttigieg's campaign is calling for the state party to publicly release a tranche of data and recalculate some precincts, a call the state party largely rebuffed.

I love the term being employed: "material irregularities."

Pete Buttigieg's campaign sent a letter to the Nevada State Democratic Party on Sunday, alleging that there are "material irregularities pertaining to the process of integrating early votes into the in-person precinct caucus results" and asking the party to take three concrete steps to address the purported issues.

The party has its back arched like a cat facing an angry cur:

Molly Forgey, communications director for the Nevada State Democratic Party, responded to the letter in a statement to CNN on Sunday.

"We laid out our early vote and Caucus Day processes step by step and we communicated these processes to all campaigns. We are continuing to verify and to report results," Forgey said. "We never indicated we would release a separate breakdown of early vote and in-person attendees by precinct and will not change our reporting process now. As laid out in our recount guidance, there is a formal method for requesting a challenge of results."

Let's hope this dispute gets bitter and heads to the courts.  If we get really lucky, the disputed count could lead to convention chaos in Milwaukee, if the votes turn out to hold the margin of victory.  But I'll settle for distrust, recriminations, and an image of incompetence.

Democrats are destroying their brand.  Who would want to trust them with the administration of significant government programs when they can't even count up results from caucuses in the 32nd and 33rd most populous states?  A party prone to Rube Goldberg–style schemes (remember the botched, ridiculously expensive Obamacare "exchange" websites?) now is cozying up to ranked-choice voting and showing itself utterly incompetent to manage such complexities, an essential feature of the Nevada and Iowa caucuses.

Why would anyone trust Democrats with serious responsibilities?  Even their own candidates don't.  

Caricature by Donkey Hotey (cropped).

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