Britain's health services will not give non-emergency care to non-woke people

The largest cohort of people treated in any medical system is the elderly.  In England, beginning in April, those elderly had better watch their mouths, or they're going to find themselves denied the health care they paid for with their taxes. The problem with socialized medicine is that when it runs out of money (as it invariably does), the system has no alternative but to start rationing.  Britain, which is saddled with the National Health Service, long ago began contemplating death panels.  For example, Baroness Warnock, a well known British medical ethicist (hah!), suggested denying all care to elderly people with dementia. In Liverpool, the NHS began stealth death panels that massively over-identified elderly people as being near death, justifying palliative care, and then drugged and dehydrated them to make those fake diagnoses a reality.  By 2012, a doctor estimated that the NHS was killing around...(Read Full Post)
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