Black-on-Jewish attacks in NY, black-on-Asian attacks in SF: Same progressive rule

As if San Francisco were not disgusting enough with its corruption, poop patrols, and unpunished street crime, there's now this sort of brutality going on:

According to the Daily Mail:

The video begins with one onlooker walking towards the man, wielding a pole and using it to hit him on the head. Others laugh and jeer as the victim runs away. 

As the man walks away one eyewitness comments: 'Uh oh, he's scared.' 

The man turns back, in an apparent effort to get his belongings back.  

Another shouts: 'Man, hey, go get your cans, man. Go get your cans, man, don't be scared.'

The person recording the clip shouts: 'He just robbed your dumb ass. They are his cans. Go get your s---. I hate Asians.'

As the camera zooms in on the man's face he can be seen crying and visibly distressed by the incident.  

Those around him mock his tears, continuing to film him as he cries. 

It was a miasma of aggression and profanity and disturbing as anything ever seen, given the raw rage and aggression directed at the completely blameless, vulnerable man.  It wasn't enough to rob him of the fruit of his day's or week's labors; these thugs (and that's the only correct descriptor) also had a vile need to degrade, humiliate, and film him, too.

It's obviously a case of black-on-Asian violence, and not the first instance.  Combine it with illegal-on-Asian violence, which is yet another issue, and life must be hell for impoverished Asians in San Francisco.

Where does that kind of hate come from?  Who teaches these miserable excuses for humanity this sort of sadism?  And where does this hate of a poor old Asian collecting used cans for pennies in stratospheric-costly San Francisco come from?  This was no "Crazy Rich Asians" of movie lore; this was a man who, unlike the thugs who attacked him, actually worked, for a pittance.  The thugs, by contrast, and they are quite strong and well fed, appeared to have lived lives of leisure courtesy of the state. 

The answers are not immediately obvious, but some kind of critical mass has been reached, and here's a first clue: this kind of black-on-Asian hate is boiling up in progressive one-party San Francisco in exactly the same way black-on-Jewish attacks went on in Bill de Blasio's New York, where a string of violent black-led attacks on blameless Jews occurred.  Correlation is not causation, but we sure as heck don't see this kind of thing going on in conservative-run cities.  As I noted at the time of the New York attacks:

It's shocking, not only because the number of unprovoked attacks on Jewish people just minding their own business and going about their daily lives are very numerous — nine at last count within about a week — but because within the violence itself is a tissue of lies, explicit and implicit, from silky enablers to conceal and euphemize what's really happening.  In every case, the victim was Jewish and the attacker was black. That's a politically incorrect to the press and its leftist allies, but it's true.

Here's a second and third clue, off Twitter, where one of its denizens claims to have found a perpetrator:

If it's the same person, the first thing we see is that this person really, truly believes that the other guy is the actual racist, similar to the "thinking" of the Jew-hating thugs in New York.  The Jew-haters, in fact, have been coddled by Democrats — guys like Louis Farrakhan, opening the gates to more Jew-hating in some segments of black grievance groups that perpetrate these attacks.  It's typical criminal and domestic abuser behavior, rationalizing one's own acts by projecting the very crimes one's committing onto the victim.  Brutes who beat toddlers tell cops the toddler was the aggressor and competitor.  Racists who attack innocents tell the press and the activists that the victims were the "real" racists.  It's a complete pathology coming out after decades of leftist lies and propaganda for political purposes, telling these losers they're always the victims because it's so politically useful.  Now it's coming out as raw projecting racism moving against others, with nothing to stop them.

The second thing we see is that this person has no fear of the police, no fear of the feds, and no fear of punishment, no matter what he does.  That's the work of leftist politics that in San Francisco now requires a dollar value of $951 in thievery before any police action can take place.  Thieves know they get the first $950 free in that city.  Cash bail has been eliminated, and San Francisco's district attorney has a pinned tweet praising Bernie Sanders for praising that.  That crazed leftist "serving" as district attorney, one Chesa Boudin, is the son of a terrorist killer, raised by Bill Ayers, last seen "serving" as Hugo Chávez's translator, whose big selling point is "decarceration," and ending "mass incarceration," and who refuses to prosecute quality-of-life crimes such as public urination.  The cops in that city are throwing up their hands at having this creep at the prosecutorial helm, effectively making all street crimes get-out-of-jail-free cards.  Besides ending cash bail, he's ended "gang enhancements" and purged the D.A.'s office of all its talent for knowing about how gangs work.

Young Chesa has nominally condemned the crime against the old Asian, claiming he thinks it's "heartbreaking" but that's meaningless in that the only course of action he's likely to pursue is "restorative justice," which lets violent hoods out without punishment if they admit their crimes, without so much as an apology to victims. On Twitter he made his cursory condemnation, for appearance's sake and has now since moved on to extolling a legislative move in Sacramento to expunge the records of violent thugs ... such this one. No wonder the thug, whoever he was, decided he had nothing to worry about from the cops.

That by the way, is the same picture of what's going on in New York as de Blasio and company empty out the jails, piously intone against "mass incarceration," and secretly bus the criminals out of New York and into other cities. The criminal justice reform fanaticism of the left, along with its institutionalized political grievance group culture, has created a hellstorm of attacks on the least violent and most vulnerable minorities — Jews and Asians.

It ought to be enough to make them all conservatives and Republicans, as they are natural constituents to this group. One can only hope that they see the effects of blue-city leftwingery on their own well being and raise up enough of an outcry to stop it. 

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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