Biden’s poor showing in Nevada not helped by fantasy and confusion

Joe Biden did not fare well in Nevada. As of this writing, with 27% of the votes counted, Biden was second to Bernie but had just slightly over half the votes that went to Bernie, leaving him without any delegates at all. That’s bad. What’s even worse is that Biden seems to be decompensating on the campaign trail.

With South Carolina next on the primary menu, Biden has to look strong if he wants to stay in the race. Eugene Robinson, a Washington Post columnist, had already stated the harsh truth on last Sunday’s Meet the Press.

EUGENE ROBINSON: I certainly believe [South Carolina is] a “do or die” state for Joe Biden. He has to do well there.

CHUCK TODD: What’s well?

EUGENE ROBINSON: He’s got to win. He’s got to win.

Unfortunately for Joe, South Carolina, which once looked like a Biden stronghold, has been catching Bernie mania. Even before Bernie’s victory in Nevada, Biden was failing to keep his lead:

If all that wasn’t bad enough, Biden is doing what he always does when the going gets tough: Telling tall tales. This knocked him out in 1988, but he’s doing it again. (We’ll concede that the following tale might be true, but it’s not likely.)

In the past two weeks, Biden has suddenly started claiming he was arrested in South Africa while on his way to visit Nelson Mandela. As The New York Times reported, Biden didn’t include this information in his 2007 memoir and had not spoken about it prominently while campaigning for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.


Former congressman Andrew Young, the U.N. ambassador at the time of Biden’s arrest, said he had traveled to South Africa with Biden but was never arrested and was skeptical that members of the U.S. congress would have been at risk in the country.

“No, I was never arrested and I don’t think he was, either,” Young told the Times. “Now, people were being arrested in Washington. I don’t think there was ever a situation where congressmen were arrested in South Africa.”

Donald Trump, Jr. hit Biden hard for that fable:

Even worse, Biden is once again showing those hints of dementia that have dogged him on the campaign trail. At a town hall event on Thursday, in an embarrassing and also quite sad gaffe, Biden referred to his late son Beau as the U.S. Attorney General, rather than the Attorney General of Delaware. When an audience member asked Biden about restoring “barriers” between the Department of Justice and the White House, Biden had this to say:

'Never direct the Justice Department as to who they should or should not indict and under what circumstances they should or should not,' Biden began.

'That is an independent judgment to be made.

'My son, the one who, my deceased son, was the Attorney General of the United States,' he continued, without realizing his mistake, 'and before that, he was a federal prosecutor in one of the largest offices in the country in Philadelphia.

'And I'll tell you what, he wouldn't even talk to me about anything he was doing, his father, and he shouldn't have, and I didn't have any control over either one of those things.'

This was not a slip of the tongue as demonstrated by Biden’s assurance to the questioner he had no control over Beau’s work, something that would matter only if Beau was Attorney General when Biden was Vice President.

Joe Biden, by virtue of his politics, his unprincipled conduct, his corruption, and his rare ability always to make the wrong decisions, is not fit to be president. The fact that he lies and struggles with memory and confusion issues only makes that more obvious.

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