Is Bernie Sanders leading a 'revolution' or a Castroite repudiation mob?

A day after Bernie Sanders praised the Cuban Castro dictatorship in its own propaganda terms, and then doubled down with "the truth is the truth," out came this NBC News report:

WASHINGTON — At least seven of Mike Bloomberg's campaign offices have been vandalized over the last two weeks, campaign officials say, in a string of incidents that the Bloomberg campaign has blamed without evidence on Bernie Sanders' supporters.

In the latest case, discovered early Monday morning, a Chicago office was graffitied with the words "racist," "sexist," and "oligarch" spray-painted in red on the windows of the building. Other vandalism at offices in Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee have referenced Bloomberg's wealth and stop-and-frisk policing policy.

Without evidence?  Actually, there's plenty of evidence.  But we'll get to that later.  A few days earlier, there also was this, according to the Washington Examiner:

"You're the one who is at war with the Culinary Union right here in Las Vegas," said Buttigieg before Sanders interrupted.

"We have the support of unions all across this country," the senator responded.

Buttigieg was referring to incidents where supporters of the Sanders campaign sent threatening messages to Nevada's Culinary Union officials online, over email, and in phone calls.

On Twitter, union officials were called names such as "b‑‑‑‑‑‑," "whore," "f‑‑‑‑‑‑ scab," and "evil, entitled a‑‑‑‑‑‑‑." Over email, union officials were referred to as "corrupt mother f‑‑‑‑‑‑" and were threatened that it was "time for people ... to go after you." Sanders has denounced the behavior and distanced himself from the incidents.

And Kevin Williamson at the New York Post had this:

Matt Bruenig of the left-wing People's Policy Project and a sometime contributor to The Atlantic is an ardent young Sandersista. Like most vicious ideologues, he reserves his most intense loathing not for those who are opposite him politically but those adjacent, in this case Democrats who support more centrist candidates, especially those working for former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg. "It's very important for us to create a blacklist of every operative who works on the Bloomberg campaign," he wrote on Twitter, before deleting the post.

David Klion of Jewish Currents also has warned his fellow Democrats that those who back the wrong horse are going to be blacklisted. "It's a mercy we're warning you now," he wrote on Twitter.

This sort of brute thuggery is more characteristic of life in communist Cuba than any so-called Cuban "literacy programs" or "free health care," both of which are vastly exaggerated at best for the sake of propping up the brutal regime.  Trashing up a political rival's campaign offices, threatening independent unions, and threatening dissenters with blacklists are exactly how the Castroite regime operates with its so-called "repudiation mobs," which are capable of far worse, specializing as they do in surrounding a dissident's house with screaming, baying, and throwing excrement.

It's not just the Castro regime that specializes in this, but all its derivatives, such as the Nicaraguan Sandinistas' famous "turba" mobs targeting "class enemies" and the hooded, motorcycled Chavista "colectivos" who mob and target (and behead) dissidents.  Sanders, by the way, has yet to condemn any of these practitioners of violence in this regimes he embraced until they failed.

And funny, funny, funny, this sort of thuggery against other candidates and opponents is showing up again and again in the Bernie Sanders campaign, in the persona of "Bernie Bros" who specialize in ganging up on others and spewing sexist attacks as well as others affiliated with Sanders's campaign, almost as if it's been borrowed from them.  There's a culture of thuggery within the Sanders campaign that keeps getting denied and going unremarked as the incidents pile up.  Seven incidents on the Michael Bloomberg campaign suggest a whole lot of organizing.  And that's just one string of such Latin America–style leftist political violence from the Sanders campaign.  There's actually much, much more.

The list is shocking.  Here's a bullet-point list:

*Feb 1: Bernie Sanders–supporting Hannah Roemhild, Connecticut opera singer, drove a car through several barricades at President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in what could have been a dry-run or a real assassination attempt. 

*Feb. 8: Theater hand Gregory Timm rammed his vehicle through a Republican voter registration booth in Jacksonville, Florida as an act of political violence, telling the cops after he was picked up that "someone has to take a stand."  The news hasn't reported what his political orientation was, but it did report that he was trying to get into a pro-Sanders union at the time.  The circumstances certainly seem to point to this loser being at least a wannabe Bernie Bro.

*Jan. 16: Investigative reporter James O'Keefe released an undercover video of a top Sanders organizer in Iowa, Kyle Jurek, who spoke of burning cities, beating cops, and putting Americans in re-education camps and Soviet-style GULags, as well as killing anyone who resists the Sanders "revolution." He said the Sanders campaign was full of such people. Sanders has yet to fire the man, and there is speculation the Sanders campaign may have even used campaign funds to bail him out of jail on a marijuana / DUI charge in what was his third arrest. Petty criminals of this sort to do thugwork have always been critical elements in Latin American leftist takeovers.

*June 20, 2018: Democratic Socialists of America activist Allison Hrabar, then employed as a paralegal by the Department of Justice, released privileged internal information on the home addresses of DoJ officials and then participated in screaming violent mobs that disrupted the dinner of then-Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and threatened her. She crowed about her acts before she was fired and then claimed the whole thing was political retaliation for her very dangerous and violent act. DSA is the organization identified with Bernie Sanders, and KeyWiki says she was a delegat to their convention. 

*June 14, 2017: Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer James Hodkginson opened fire on a baseball field with congressmembers playing a tournament, wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, and two others in what police called an "assassination attempt." Scalise was gravely wounded. Sanders was given a pass.

What do we see here? A festering culture of violence surrounding the Sanders campaign, something not seen in other campaigns, for one, and something Sanders has yet to repudiate in any act that has teeth. He's touting his history of supporting dictators these days, and de facto employing the exact same tactics they use, even as he cursorily claims he doesn't like the bad stuff. The other day, he even blamed Russian bots, taking advantage of the fact that the Russians would be delighted to see him leading America into ruin. That has since been explicitly denied by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Michael Bloomberg has the resources to set out and expose the perpetators of this violence from the Sanders campaign against his own, but thus far, doesn't seem to know that that's his job. That leaves it to rest of us to call this thuggery operation swirling around the Democratic frontrunner, even as the press repeatedly covers for him. Sanders is a communist, with all the sinister earmarks of communists the world over - in promising the world and not providing it, but more to the point, in drawing and projecting a circle thugs intent on perpetrating political violence as a means of obtaining power. That seems to be what's going on as the press marvels at the intense loyalty of Sanders supporters. It looks more like honor among thieves - or Castro and his goons. 

Image credit: Phil Roeder via WikipediaCC BY-SA 2.0.

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