Attorney General Bill Barr rebukes Trump's tweets about Roger Stone

It's hard to tell whether the apparent tension between President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr is real or a way to create the appearance of some separation between Barr and Trump on the subject of Roger Stone.  The facts are straightforward but still open to interpretation. Bob Mueller and his bad boys went after Roger Stone with a level of ferocity far in excess of any wrongdoing Stone had allegedly committed.  Although Stone is a nonviolent first-time offender who allegedly committed a crime that is the norm in Washington, D.C. (lying to Congress, something James Clapper, for example, did with impunity), Mueller's team arranged for a pre-dawn SWAT-style raid on Stone to arrest him, complete with a conveniently present CNN team; a multi-pronged indictment; a jury foreman who openly despised Trump and everyone around him; and a shopped judge who loathes Trump, too. At the end of the day, Mueller's prosecutors got Stone convicted on seven...(Read Full Post)
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