At Phoenix Trump rally, WWII vet got some special help getting to his seat

On Wednesday night, Democrat candidates savagely attacked each other in Nevada, while the audience cheered on socialized medicine, wealth taxes, and identity politics.  Meanwhile, also on Wednesday night, Trump-supporters in Arizona cheered mightily as two men reverently carried a 100-year-old WWII veteran to his seat at a Trump rally. From the beginning, Democrats have denigrated not just Trump, but his supporters.  Immediately in the wake of the election, the word went out from Democrat headquarters: Trump supporters are evil, racist, sexist, homophobic people who must be shunned.  Every Trump-supporter remembers being "unfriended" on Facebook, harangued on the streets, hated in Hollywood, and attacked on every media platform. The reality is different — as reality always is once you step back from the Democrat narratives.  After all, Trump-supporters are the direct political descendants of the sunshiny Tea Party...(Read Full Post)
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