At least one Warren campaign worker is fed up with her LGBT fetish

For whatever reason, Elizabeth Warren, who has lived life as a straight female, has decided that she'll win if she can just capture that elusive transgender vote — which, at its highest estimate, accounts for about 0.6% of the American population.  According to the latest Project Veritas video, at least one of her campaign staffers thinks this obsession is harming, not helping, her campaign.

Ever since she set her sights on the presidency, Warren has been cultivating the transgender vote.

When Black Womxn, an organization for "all black folks that do not claim male identity," including "black trans & cis women, gender non-conforming folks and others," endorsed her, Warren not only parroted back their mission statement, but elevated them to hitherto unseen heights:

Still, when it came to wooing that all-important transgender vote, for Warren, that wasn't enough.  She soldiered on, finally reaching peak pander last week when she promised she would never nominate a secretary of education unless a "young trans person" first interviewed the possible nominee and signed off on that person's transgender bona fides.

Republicans, when looking at Warren's desperate bid for transgender attention, can be forgiven for thinking Warren is not a statesman but is, instead, a two-bit faux socialist trying to cobble together an identity politics bloc to support her presidential bid.  What the latest Project Veritas video reveals is that one of Warren's campaign workers, who seems to like her policies well enough to stick with her, nevertheless also has serious doubts about the wisdom of her surrounding herself with "trans" and "non-binary" people and focusing her campaign on their concerns.

Meet Angel Alicea, a Hispanic man who thinks the whole pronoun and transgender madness is stupid.  While Angel thankfully has a healthy ego, it's apparent that he is frequently on the receiving end of discrimination from Warren's female, gay, and transgender staff because he is a straight male.

The video is short and worth watching in its entirety.  Angel says what people who are not mired in identity politics are thinking when they hear they must "identify" their pronouns.  He states, forthrightly, that if Warren continues with this narrow obsession, instead of the core work of improving American lives, she's going to lose.

By the time the short video is over, it's unclear why Angel is even bothering with Warren's campaign.  He seems like someone who needs another, more normal, candidate to support:

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