As the media focus on Democrat candidates, Democrats are looking at Trump

Democrats will no doubt be distressed to learn that the progressive habit of politicizing absolutely everything is giving new weight to the law of unintended consequences.  A New Hampshire woman, horrified by the uproar in the knitting world a few months ago when woke knitters went on a rampage, found herself at the Trump rally in New Hampshire and went public about the pleasant surprises she found there. In June 2019, the knitting world got woke, and it was ugly.  It got so ugly that it actually made the New York Times and the BBC.  People who were enjoying their craft were suddenly lambasted as racist cultural appropriators and worse.  Conservative knitters fled the knitting sites, and they were joined by independent and Democrat knitters who found it offensive to have politics invade their peaceful, creative hobby. One of the Democrat knitters who left was Karlyn Borysenko, who describes herself as "an...(Read Full Post)
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