As Dems head for implosion in November, a few warning and positioning to pick up the pieces

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real phenomenon, a mental ailment leading people (and political parties) into self-destructive behavior. So frenzied are Democrats that they embrace policies most Americans reject and candidates who are unelectable. They cannot grasp how voters that formerly were reliable parts of their base could ever desert them to support…Donald Trump.

With the mainstream media fully on board and not warning them of their folly, prominent Democrats willing to stand against the tide and warn of the disaster ahead are relatively few.

But there are some voices – a group that shares few commonalities beyond clear vision --  willing to face reality and call out the disaster that lies ahead unless there is a quick course correction, or, who hope position themselves to pick up the pieces once sanity is forced upon their political faction.

James Carville, widely credited for getting Bill Clinton elected, went on an epic rant Tuesday, following the Democrats’ fiasco in Iowa (7-minute video)

Madeline Osburn of The Federalist enumerated his 5 biggest warnings:

1. Stop Talking About Issues That Don’t Matter to Voters (snip)

2. Talk About Issues That Matter to Families, Working People (snip)

3. Become a Majoritarian Party (snip)

4. Don’t Patronize the Middle of the Country

5. Don’t Lose the Most Important Vote: African Americans

Van Jones, an outright communist, also sees the danger of African American voters deserting the Democrats and returning to the Republicans as President Trump courts them. (One-plus minute):

The Daily Caller summarizes:

“What he was saying to African-Americans can be effective,” Jones told a CNN panel following Trump’s State of the Union address. “You may not like it but he mentioned HBCUs [Historic Black Colleges and Universities]: black colleges have been struggling for a long time, a bunch of them have gone under, he threw a lifeline to them in real life in his budget. He talked about this. He talked about criminal justice reform. He talked about Opportunity Zones.”

Jones insisted that blacks will inevitably see past his rhetoric, such as Trump’s reported use of the phrase “sh**-hole nations” to describe third-world countries and embrace the polices that Trump is promoting. 

“The thing about it is, and we’ve got to wake up, folks, there’s a whole bubble thing that goes on. Well he said s-hole nations, therefore all black people are going to hate him forever. That ain’t necessarily so. I think what you’re going to see him do, you may not like my rhetoric, but look at my results and my record for black people. If he narrow casts that, it’s going to be effective,” he said.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews warned of the dangers of running a socialist candidate, and of the ultimate consequences when real socialists gain power. (one minute-plus video):

For his trouble, he has reaped a trending hashtag on Twitter: #cancelchrismatthews

So, who among the Dem officeholders is willing to stand up and call for sanity?  So far, I see Tulsi Gabbard, mired at 1% support in the presidential race and banned from the debate stage. She told Neil Cavuto of Fox News (where she, alone among Democrat candidates, regularly appears) that President Trump had every right to fire Gordon Sondland and Alexander Vindman, even though she disagrees with many of his foreign policy decisions. (Less than one minute video)

This may be a matter of basic civics, but almost nobody among the Democrats is willing to stay sane. By being calm, collected, and grounded in constitutional reality, she stands out. It will do her no good in 2020. So, she must be looking forward to 2024 and the hope that massive repudiation at the polls will prompt members of the party to re-think their embrace of leftism and blind hatred.

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