A US Senate candidate from Maine uses a guillotine for campaign logo

When most people think of a guillotine, they think of rivers of blood flowing during the French Revolution and during Hitler's ascendancy in Germany (when he guillotined around 16,500 people).  Civilized countries do not decapitate people to gain political power.  Nevertheless, Bre Kidman, an attorney who is challenging Senator Susan Collins for her Senate seat in Maine, has decided that a stylized image of a guillotine is the perfect logo for its campaign. (Kidman claims not to be either male or female and adopts the pronouns "they or them."  This is consistent with Progressive demands that individuals who call themselves non-binary should be accorded plural pronouns.  That, however, is a grammatical bridge too far. The English language has a perfectly good singular pronoun for things — and people — that are neither male nor female: "it.") Of course, Kidman contends that the guillotine is...(Read Full Post)
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