A Progressive commentator says the Iowa caucuses spell the end for Democrats

One of the astounding things after the 2016 election was the Democrats' failure to engage in self-reflection to understand what they did wrong and figure out how to improve. Instead, they've indulged in a three-and-a-half-year orgy of blaming everything (mostly the Russians) and everybody (mostly Trump) for their election failure.  Matt Taibbi, who writes for the Progressive Rolling Stone magazine, is one of the few Progressives who has managed to resist this impulse. Taibbi consistently looks at the Democrat party with the eye of a man who wishes he could fix it rather than someone who is looking for a scapegoat to relieve the party of responsibility for its failings.  In his latest outing, though, Taibbi seems to have given up hope.  He's no longer trying to be a reformer; he is, instead, a Cassandra, looking into the future and chronicling what he sees as the inevitable death of the Democrat party.  It is a scathing...(Read Full Post)
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