A political dirty trick in San Diego's District 53 race that might just backfire

I'm stuck here in San Diego's congressional District 53, a gerrymandered zone that has the gay progressives of Hillcrest, the rabidly left-wing academics of the liberation theology–lovin' University of San Diego, and the illegals of Chula Vista all spliced together, in what's hardly a community of interests.  I'm in a small hospital and defense contractor zone attached to these constituencies — nothing in common with the other areas, just useful filler for ensuring that a congressional seat has enough residents to get the seat for a Democrat.  So with disgust, I watch the 53rd congressional race to vacate Rep. Susan Davis's seat, Davis being a nine- or ten-term congresswoman who's served for 19 years and retiring.  Davis is a lefty Democrat, but not a loud, obnoxious one.  I wouldn't vote for her but she seems nice. Not so the people jockeying to fill her place now....(Read Full Post)
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