Wednesday's impeachment Q&A session gave Schiff another chance to misquote Trump

Wednesday's impeachment hearing allowed senators to ask questions of House managers and Trump's attorneys.  For the most part, both sides reiterated their earlier arguments. At one point, though, Adam Schiff, who had opened the House's unofficial impeachment proceedings by lying about what President Trump said during his telephone call with Ukraine's President Zelensky, introduced a bizarre hypothetical in which he essentially repeated his earlier lie.  This allowed Jay Sekulow, one of the president's attorneys, to remind everyone present what the Obama administration did to candidate Trump. To set the stage, remember that President Trump released the transcript of his July 25 telephone call with Zelensky.  That transcript revealed that Trump complained that Europeans, especially Germany, were not helping Ukraine as much as Americans do.  Zelenksy agreed. Trump, a man who knows perfectly well (better than...(Read Full Post)
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