We live in a visual age, and these videos capture today's Zeitgeist

Trump's rally on Tuesday night was held at Wildwood, New Jersey, a coastal summer resort town just a couple of hours from Pennsylvania.  Although the town is usually shut down for winter, the deluge of people coming for the rally meant that hotels and restaurants were at capacity. The venue for the rally (which Trump held to help Rep. Jeff Van Drew, the Democrat who switched parties in protest against the House impeachment) is meant to hold 7,500 people.  It was way too small for the 175,000 people who sought to attend.  Inside the rally, Trump gave his usual humdinger speech, touting his many significant accomplishments and playing to the crowd. Outside the rally...well, this is where video is important, because you have to see this to appreciate that Trump's momentum in 2020 is even greater than it was in 2016: Pretty stunning crowd lined up for Trump’s Wildwood NJ rally pic.twitter.com/HUOB8oWZJG — Will Steakin...(Read Full Post)
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