Washington Post speaks about antisemitism from ivory tower, misses the cure

In "Fighting the virus of antisemitism" (1/10/20), Washington Post opinion writer Michael Gerson, in the name of evenhandedness, points fingers at both sides of the political spectrum as culpable for the antisemitism occurring in America today.  But Gerson doesn't seem to understand that antisemitism predates the very existence of Democrats and Republicans by over a thousand years.  So it can't be that.  Hate crimes against Jews have dwarfed the number of hate crimes against all other religions combined for decades, despite the fact that Jews currently make up only 2% of the U.S. population.  So blaming the current administration for antisemitism is irresponsible. Gerson correctly states that "[a]ntisemitism is not a simple or single thing."  But then he adds that the level of antisemitism is "a measure of a nation's social health, or the lack of it."  If that is the case, then...(Read Full Post)
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