Unable to find new fake news, Vox editor recycles old fake news

Leftists have a few principles to which they are always true, two of which are (1) hatred for Trump and his supporters and (2) an abiding commitment to the virtue of recycling.  Vox founder and editor Ezra Klein managed to combine both when he ended 2019 by tweeting out a recycled, and resoundingly debunked, study denigrating Trump-supporters. So it was that, on the afternoon of December 31, Klein decided to tweet out to his 2.5 million followers a March 2019 Washington Post article asserting that "[c]ounties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes," with a subtitle stating, "There is suggestive evidence that Trump's rhetoric matters." "We found that counties that had hosted a 2016 Trump campaign rally saw a 226 percent increase in reported hate crimes over comparable counties that did not host such a rally." https://t.co/zy0093lPoH — Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) December 31, 2019 As...(Read Full Post)
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