Ukraine airliner crashes shortly after takeoff from Tehran just 3+ hours after the launch of missile attack on bases in Iraq

The sole death toll from the skies on the night Iran launched its missiles in retaliation for the killing of terror master Soleimani came as an airliner crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran, killing a reported 176 souls. Do you believe in coincidences?  Do most Iranians?  Surely, the combination of this air disaster with an earthquake near the Bushehr nuclear facility has some Iranians contemplating Allah's will. The mullahs' government initially blamed the U.S.-built Boeing 737-800 (not the 800 MAX that has been grounded) experiencing technical faults, as Bloomberg reported: A Boeing Co. 737-800 jetliner bound for Ukraine that crashed after takeoff in Iran, killing everyone on board, was most likely brought down by an engine fire, according to Tehran authorities. Ukraine International Airlines said 167 passengers and nine crew were on the plane (snip) Iran's Disaster Mitigation and Management...(Read Full Post)
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