Tucker Carlson looks at the horrors in Pelosi's own district of San Francisco

Over the course of this week, on every episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker has looked at one aspect of the insanity that is San Francisco.  Once one of America's greatest and most beautiful cities, it is now simultaneously one of its most expensive and its most decayed and dangerous.  As a native San Franciscan, I find it painful to watch my natal city become a crazed and unlivable one. Thursday's episode was especially poignant, because it interviewed an old friend of mine going back to our high school days, Nyna Armstrong.  Nyna is a brilliant woman, a hard worker, and a committed conservative.  She's also raised two wonderful daughters, both of whom serve this country.  She is the kind of person who helps make America and American cities great. Because of her job, Nyna is forced to live in the Bay Area.  And because of the cost of living in the Bay Area, she's chosen to live on a...(Read Full Post)
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