Trump wows the crowd at Toledo rally — and takes no prisoners

People in Toledo started lining up by the thousands to see President Trump's latest rally.  Their wait paid off, for whether they were inside the Huntington Center or outside watching on a big screen, Trump was in top form, speaking about his myriad accomplishments; savaging his opponents, whether in the media or in Congress; and using the usual half-boastful, half-deprecating jokes that the Left doesn't understand but that conservatives adore. Despite chilly temperatures, hours before the rally began, thousands of people began to line up for the chance to get a seat the venue: The crowd at the rally for President Trump tonight is already massive! — (@LifeNewsHQ) January 9, 2020     Some might have been a bit worried that President Trump would lack his usual energy.  On Wednesday morning, when he gave his speech to the nation about the strike against Soleimani and his promise never...(Read Full Post)
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