Trump had Soleimani in his crosshairs for a long time

Following the terrorist Qassem Soleimani's death on President Trump's orders, the media and the Democrat party have been like trapped rats, desperately rushing around to show that Trump is the bad guy in all this.  They've played up WWIII, shared the mullahs' grief over the loss of their pet terrorist, and blamed Trump for the Iranian decision to shoot down a passenger plane that had left Tehran minutes before and only four hours after Iran sent 15 ballistic missiles to Iraqi bases housing American troops.  With all those stories falling flat (and with Iranians in an uproar against their government for shooting down the plane), the media narrative is shifting to denigrating Trump's decision-making. One of the first lies the media told was that Trump totally flummoxed his national security team when he elected to order a strike against Soleimani: When President Donald Trump's national security team came to his Mar-a-Lago...(Read Full Post)
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