Today saw the premiere of two videos, each with a different vision of America

One of the constants in 2020 is that we're deluged by videos.  Actual news videos, worrisome deep fake videos, political ads, product ads, and artistic videos.  All of them, in one way or another, shape how we view our world and, often, how we view ourselves. Because videos have such a profound effect on the way in which we perceive things, it's noteworthy that two videos dropped today, both of which are getting positive buzz and both which make statements about what America is or what it could be. On the serious side, the GOP released a video entitled "For Democrats, It's All about Power."  The video is a compilation of all those moments when Democrats said something that made conservatives think, "Oh, my!  The commercials practically write themselves."  The ad intercuts power-hungry Democrat statements with Trump's warning to voters about the freedoms the American left wants to take from...(Read Full Post)
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