There's no harm in newly released emails about holds on Ukraine funds

Democrats claim that a newly released batch of emails proves that President Trump was withholding Ukraine funds as part of a quid pro quo to destroy Joe Biden's candidacy.  In reality, the new emails show only that Trump was determined to investigate whether taxpayer money was being put to good use, even as bureaucrats were worried about procedures and timing.  Although the emails are innocuous, Democrats are trying to leverage them into presenting new impeachment evidence in the Senate. It's hard to remember with Nancy Pelosi contentedly sitting on the House's vote to impeach, but once upon a time, impeachment was something that couldn't wait.  Thus, the Democrats' initial plan was to rush impeachment proceedings so as to create a sense of urgency about a whole bunch of nothing. The result was that the House hearings were secretive, truncated, and so meaningless that the best Democrats could come up with was two...(Read Full Post)
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