The rule of law, the abuse of power, and justice denied

The film Just Mercy opened this week.  It is the story of a man, Walter McMillan, who was convicted of murder in Alabama,1987. The trial was a sham, all exculpatory evidence hidden, the one witness a felon who traded his false testimony for a shorter sentence.  This gross miscarriage of justice happened because the power in the town -- the sheriff, the police and the DA -- all conspired to convict McMillan in order to bring closure to the community for the murder of a young girl.   Enter Bryan Stevenson,  a young Harvard-trained lawyer who founds the Equal Justice Initiative to help those on death row, most of them having had little or no legitimate representation.  Without totally revealing the most important details of the story, suffice it to say that those most guilty of illegality, those who were complicit in the railroading of an innocent man, suffer no consequences for their...(Read Full Post)
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