The New York Times scares its readers about Dennis Prager

The New York Times’ Nellie Bowles has discovered that PragerU is making inroads with teenagers and she’s not happy. She's written a long article, a combination of honest facts and oozing snideness, that reveals her disdain for and fear of conservative values. Dennis Prager matters because he is persuasive. In the early 2000s, as I was going through the process of disengaging from a Democrat party I realized bore no relationship to my values, he helped me create a framework for my new worldview. I’ve also loved his PragerU videos. While open about their biases, they are temperate in tone and carefully objective in their facts. The videos, which rely on experts in whatever field is at issue, also present complex ideas in ways that are simple without being dumbed down. Here are some good things about Bowles’ "Right-Wing Views for Generation Z, Five Minutes at a Time." She factually describes Dennis Prager’s growing empire, from the...(Read Full Post)
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