The media use the transgender movement as a lever forcing people to deny reality

George Orwell knew that totalitarian dictatorships retain power by compelling people to agree that 2+2=5.  But what happens if it's not the government, but the media that lie?  With the American media pushing transgenderism, we're finding out. With accelerating force, the media insist that biological sex is meaningless and that people's sex is determined by their feelings.  We are told to accept that people, through wishing, hormones, and surgery, can magically become the opposite sex. Over the years, the homosexual rights movement has made people realize that, in a free society, no one should be penalized for a sexual preference.  Today, the transgender movement, using the homosexual movement, is working with the media to force us to give it the same rights and respect.  This ignores that homosexuality is different from so-called transgenderism. Homosexuality does not force us to deny...(Read Full Post)
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