The Democrats' weird response to sending the impeachment articles to the Senate

The past few years have disabused us of any notion that the American Congress is a solemn place, filled with statesmanlike, or at least decent, people working for the betterment of America and Americans.  To those few who still clung to that outdated idea, the House Democrats' behavior when sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate shows that Congress is no longer a serious institution. People of a certain age remember a time when drunkenness was played for laughs.  In the family-friendly show Bewitched, a running gag had a chronically drunk man invariably see Samantha practice magic — and, of course, no one believed him.  Foster Brooks's imitation of a drunk was also a perennial favorite in the 1960s and early 1970s: Lately, it's easy to suspect that the Democrat party has its own version of Foster Brooks.  Don't pay too much attention to what Nancy Pelosi is saying in this short video; just...(Read Full Post)
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