Saturday Night Live slimes Alan Dershowitz for representing unpopular Trump

Alan Dershowitz is one of the attorneys Trump selected to represent him in the impeachment hearing before the Senate.  Saturday Night Live responded by running a skit showing Dershowitz as the Devil's handmaiden.  It wasn't funny, and it degraded the important constitutional space Dershowitz occupies, not just because he's one of the most famous criminal law and constitutional lawyers in America, but also because he's willing to take on disfavored cases. Dershowitz has taught at Harvard Law School for fifty-five years.  He is considered one of America's premier criminal and constitutional lawyers.  Because of his rarefied position, Dershowitz can pick and choose clients.  At his level, he has no interest in garden-variety cases.  He embraces the challenge of those cases in which the media have already judged the accused and found him guilty.  Moreover, he likes cases that implicate...(Read Full Post)
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