Sad! Joe Biden praises Robert Francis ('Beto') O'Rourke as a 'Latino' qualified to be in his Cabinet

Low-information voters are a disturbing constituency, but an easily deceived front-running low-information candidate for president is terrifying.  You might think the frontrunner for the Democrats' presidential nomination would bestir himself to learn the basic facts about the people he faces as competitors for the Big Prize, but not Joe Biden.  He fell for the illusion that former congressman Robert Francis O'Rourke created by adopting the Spanish-language nickname "Beto" to pander to the Hispanic voters who constitute 82% of the population of El Paso, Texas and disguise his prep school and Ivy League background. Asked in an interview if he would consider Beto O'Rourke or Julián Castro as a running mate, he responded: Yes, I would. I would consider either or both of them. Look, I've spoken to each of them and I've spent some time talking to them. My plea to both of them is that they stay engaged. They are...(Read Full Post)
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