Prominent Trump- and Fox News-hater gets punked by a joke about POTUS โ€“ and then writes a fake news story

Gabriel Sherman is a widely published writer of articles in some of the country’s leading mainstream magazines. Currently, he’s a Vanity Fair special correspondent in addition to being a frequent NBC News/MSNBC contributor. Sherman’s favorite target for his screeds, aside from President Trump, is Fox News, its management, and its on-air personalities. In 2014, Sherman wrote a sensational, best-selling unauthorized biography of Fox News co-founder and CEO Roger Ailes, The Loudest Voice in the Room: How the Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News – and Divided a Country. Last year, the book was the basis for a seven-part dramatic miniseries on Showtime, starring the bombastic Australian actor Russell Crowe as Ailes. On Friday, it appears that Sherman was finally hoisted on his own petard – or, in the current vernacular, “punked.” Appearing on fellow Vanity Fair special correspondent Nick Bilton’s podcast Inside the Hive, hosted...(Read Full Post)
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