President Trump is planning on putting a stop to birthright citizenship

In America, if your mother is on American soil when she gives birth, you, the new baby, instantly receive the extraordinary gift of being an American citizen.  This is true even if your mother is in America illegally or just stopped over for a vacation — especially a vacation to give birth in America.  And there's your birthright citizenship. President Trump, as part of his general crackdown on the dilution and degradation of American citizenship, plans to make it tougher to take advantage of America's lax birthright laws: The Trump administration is reportedly preparing to crack down on foreign nationals who visit the United States with the explicit intention to give birth, taking advantage of the country's birthright citizen laws. President Donald Trump is expected to roll out changes to visa requirements in the coming days in order to stifle the "birth tourism" industry, in which many pregnant women from across...(Read Full Post)
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