Pentagon confirms Iran shot down Ukrainian airplane; PM Trudeau makes statement

Multiple sources have confirmed a Pentagon statement saying that it’s almost certain that Iran shot down a Ukrainian plane on Wednesday near Tehran, killing all 176 people on board. Initially, Iran had insisted that the plane crashed because of mechanical failures. However, those who observed the plane noted that it had started burning while still in the air, which is consistent with an incendiary device, not a mechanical failure. Because the crash happened within four hours of the Iranian missile attack on Iraqi military bases housing American and other coalition troops, many immediately suspected that the crash was not an accident. The top guess was that someone in Iran’s air defense saw the passenger plane and, in light of the assault on U.S. forces, panicked that the plane was an American response and fired. The fact that the Iranians refused (and continue to refuse) to turn over the airplane black box only fed those suspicions. On Thursday, the Pentagon went...(Read Full Post)
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