Norway librarian tells Chicoms to go to hell over indecent 'request' to remove books from public library

Call it their "inner Viking" coming out. In response to a creepy request from communist Chinese minders to remove Falun Gong and other politically embarrassing books from a village public library while the Chinese ski team trains there, a humble Norwegian librarian bit back and told the Chicoms to stick it. According to the Times of London (subscription only): Freedom of speech enjoyed by Norwegians meant that the demand was "completely out of the question", [library manager] Ms [Anne] Marken said. "We cannot remove the contents of the library because of such requests." Here's the Times' backdrop: More than 40 Chinese cross-country skiers, accompanied by 15 coaches and managers, are in the Norwegian town of Meraker to train for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as part of a collaborative training programme. Members of the delegation requested that the local library remove several books,...(Read Full Post)
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