Master debunker Michael Fumento casts shade on the virulence of the Coronavirus

Mike Konrad wrote an informative article saying that even if the Coronavirus is as serious as the media say, we Americans have good medical care, including antibiotics for secondary infections and steroids to control some of the worst symptoms.  Now Michael Fumento, debunker extraordinaire, says that, on the available evidence, the newest virus is (a) just another virus and (b) not likely to ravage American shores. The media are flogging the Coronavirus as if it were the new Ebola.  That's fertile soil, because we have locked in our memories horrific images out of Africa, showing people lying dead in the streets and, in one particularly disturbing scene on some news show, a three-year-old boy shunned by everyone in his village, including his parents, until he lay down and died, alone, in the dirt. But this isn't Ebola.  China isn't Africa.  And we, thank goodness, are neither China nor Africa.  One of the...(Read Full Post)
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