Journalists should be laughed at for thinking they are so smart

Most journalists and other Democrats, who consider themselves smarter and better than anyone who disagrees with them, call us deplorable, irredeemable, sexists, misogynists, xenophobes, homophobes, stupid, and anti-science. Then, as they denigrate us, they lie to their listeners and readers to say they are the inclusive people who seek to unite us. Here is just some of the garbage information that journalists tell the public that is not true: That if Obamacare is passed, you can keep your doctor and your plan, your costs will go down, and the deficit will go down. That Medicare for all pays for everything with no limits, and costs would go down. That Obama was tough on dictators as he catered to Russia, Iran, and Cuba throughout his eight years. That the deaths in Libya were caused by a video. That the Iran deal that gave a terrorist-sponsoring country access to billions of dollars would make the world safer. That killing a terrorist general would make the...(Read Full Post)
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