Joe Biden ups the ante in the woke sweepstakes with his latest about transgenderism

Anybody who says Joe Biden isn't a follower is a stone-cold liar.  At the macro level, Biden's been disavowing his 47-year history in Congress and the White House by moving as hard to the Left as he can.  At the micro level, it's all pander, pander, pander.  His latest attempt to out-do his fellow Democrats is his push for peak woke with the all-important transgender lobby, a group that, in a comprehensive 2016 study, was estimated to make up 0.6% of the American population. To be fair to Joe as he competes in the "most woke on transgender issues" category, he's already said one of his top legislative priorities would be to pass the Equality Act, which, among other things, forces schools to let males compete on girls' sports teams.  That's woke, but the competition has been getting tough. Elizabeth Warren has long been sounding the transgender horn.  Already...(Read Full Post)
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