It's going to be painful for the Trump-deranged when Trump is re-elected

On the same day the senators were sworn in for the impeachment trial, I was in my favorite coffee shop in the progressive Chicago neighborhood where I live (the fifth most liberal ZIP code in the country).  Many suffer from especially bad cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome here, as I've recounted in these pages over the past few years. At the table next to me, a young couple was talking loudly about impeachment.  The man expressed excitement that the trial was finally underway, because "he will soon be gone."  The woman was trying to explain to him that, contrary to his understanding, it takes 67 senators, not a simple majority, to remove a president from office. I wanted to chime in that, in fact, the Democrats will be lucky to hold their own caucus (47) together.  But I decided not to add to the man's obvious misery. While the Trump-haters continue in their quest to nullify the results of the election, our president...(Read Full Post)
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